The Donald will later announce his new ‘Very Stable Genius’ clothing and toilet paper line.


After the publication of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” Donald Трамп responded on Twiter to reports in the book and in the news questioning his mental stability by saying he’s a “very stable genius.”

There’s no punchline, here. That’s. Wow.


Dr. Mark Griffiths and Dr. Janarthanan Balakrishnan spoke recently to NBC News, and asked, “Can you get addicted to taking selfies?” Citing a report by–

Y’know, seriously. Donald Трамп described himself as a, “Very stable genius.” That’s like, is this in the Bible anywhere? Like, some book about the end of days, “And Lo, the man with fake hair told his followers his genius was stable, and very …” That kind of thing.

Anyway, yeah, NBC News – can you get addicted to taking selfies? Moving on.


Stuck inside because of the snowstorm? USA Today has got your back, with a list of five movies to binge watch this weekend. Number one of the list is Casino, the Martin Scorsese film about gangsters–

VERY. STABLE. GENIUS. Very Stable Genius. VSG.

Yeah. I’m going back to bed. That seems like the prudent thing for any very stable genius to do right now.


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