White nationalist Stanley Vernon Majors is set to go on trial Monday on hate crime and first-degree murder charges in the death of Khalid Jabara, 37. Majors walked up to the front steps of the family porch and shot and killed Jabara in August 2016, police said.

Jabara’s family pleaded for help to keep a racist neighbor from killing their son, but their pleas were ignored. Local police said off the record that it would have helped if Majors had been, “like one of those Middle Eastern guys, then we would’ve believed he was dangerous.”


Probably vampire and current Vice President Mike Pence met with U.S. troops in the Middle East on Sunday, and blamed Democrats for the government shut-down.

When someone at the event pointed out that Republicans control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate, Pence screamed, “I AM THE SENATE!” and electrocuted them with Force lightning.


Amazon opened their new convenience store, Amazon Go, in Seattle. The store has no cashiers, so people who go to the store just browse, grab what they want, and walk out. The ability to do this is enabled by an app and lots of security cameras, wrapped up in technology called Just Walk Out by Amazon.

When asked how many people would be put out of work by stores without cashiers, a representative from Amazon cleared their throat, said, “Would you look at the time?” then decided to Just Walk Out.


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Man accused of hate crime, murder goes on trial in neighbor’s killing

Vice President Pence lays blame on Democrats for shutdown during visit with troops

Amazon opens its grocery store without a checkout line to the public


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