Former Democratic Representative. Patrick Kennedy, who was one of six members appointed to Donald Трамп’s opioid commission, told CNN that the commission is a “charade” and a “sham.” He added that, “Everyone is willing to tolerate the intolerable — and not do anything about it.”

When asked for a comment, a White House spokesperson said, “Oh, that’s just the drugs talking!”


Former North Korean spy and mass murderer Kim Hyon-hui, who blew up a passenger jet in 1987 on orders from Kim Jong Il, says that Kim Jong Un has dark motives for sending North Korean athletes to the Winter Olympics.

According to Kim Hyon-hui, North Korea is, “… trying to escape the sanctions by holding hands with South Korea.”

Sources say that Kim Jong Un may also try to hold hands with Donald Трамп to end sanctions.

It’s unclear at this time who has the bigger hands.


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told CNBC that Facebook is addictive and should be regulated like cigarettes.

“I think that you do it exactly the same way that you regulated the cigarette industry. Here’s a product: Cigarettes. They’re addictive. You know, they’re not good for you…There’s a lot of parallels.”

In related news, Facebook is planning to diversify itself with new versions, including “Facebook Light,” which reduces the amount of news that people will see in their feeds. A full-flavor version of Facebook will remain for consumers, along with a new “Facebook Menthol,” in March.


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Opioid commission member: Our work is a ‘sham’

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Facebook is addictive and should be regulated like a cigarette company: Salesforce CEO


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