Air Force One is primed to receive an upgrade that will include new refrigerators expected to cost American taxpayers nearly $24 million.

When asked why the refrigerators were so expensive, a spokesperson for the Трамп regime said, “it costs a lot of money to put The Donald in gold leaf on every door and shelf,” before being whisked out of the room by agents of HYDRA.


Speaking of Donald Трамп, did you hear what happened at Davos? He got a lot of boos for criticizing the media’s coverage of his presidency.

You know a dude’s in trouble when even the whitest of white people in Europe don’t like you.


Hillary Clinton reportedly asked to keep adviser Burns Strider on her 2008 presidential campaign, despite accusations that he had sexually harassed a young woman.

Most media sources are planning to cover this story with three to six times the reporters they’re using to cover the 20+ sexual harassment claims against The Donald.


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Air Force One’s new refrigerators cost $24 million

Trump draws boos at Davos after criticizing the press

Report: Hillary Clinton protected aide accused of sexual harassment in 2008


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