Aides for the White House say that The Donald was mostly upset that his phone fell in a “stupid regular toilet!” instead of one of his gold toilets.

This morning Donald Трамп broke his dry spell on Twitter and started tweeting again! He went silent on Twitter for more than 24 hours.

Aides speaking on condition of anonymity say it’s because The Donald dropped his phone in the toilet and didn’t want to tell anyone about it.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Mr. Трамп fully intended to drop his phone in the toilet.

Later, Donald Трамп said that the claim he wasn’t on Twitter for more than 24 hours was fake news, because his tweets were simply invisible.


Victor Cha, Donald Трамп’s long-awaited choice for ambassador to South Korea, withdrew himself from consideration for the job. Cha withdrew in protest over Donald Трамп’s plans for a military strike against North Korea.

In lieu of an ambassador, Трамп plans to, “just like use the Skype every day for a few minutes to talk to the South Korea. We have a good relationship folks, a good relationship, they love me!’


Donald Трамп tweeted that his audience of 45.5 million viewers for his State of the Union address was “the largest in history.”

It wasn’t. According to the Nielsen Company, President George W. Bush had an audience of 62 million in 2003 as he launched wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Upon hearing the news, Трамп said he plans on launching a war in December of this year against some country to help boost his January 2019 State of the Union ratings if he’s still in the White House


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