Human Rights Watch reported that Syrians attempting to flee violence and seek refuge in Turkey are being shot at by Turkish border guards. From December 15 to January 15, about 247,000 Syrians were displaced to the border area, according to the United Nations.

State Department officials say that in response to this horrendous crime, Mr. Трамп plans to hire the guards for duty on his wall if it’s ever completed.
Democrats are calling the Russialago memo released by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes “deliberately misleading and deeply wrong on the law.”

In response, Republican officials said in unions, “No shit, sherlock!”
A white nationalist group is planning to launch a lecture series at the University of Tennessee later this month called “National Socialism or Death!” The lecture will present white supremacist and Neo-Nazi propaganda, with the hope to recruit new members to their cause from the university.

Students at the University of Tennessee said they’d consider the lecture if it came with free bong hits.
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Turkish border guards are shooting at Syrian refugees, rights group says

Democratic rebuttal calls Nunes memo ‘deliberately misleading’

White nationalist to launch lecture series at University of Tennessee
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