First lady Melania Трамп drove separately from Donald Трамп to Edwards Airforce base today.

Melania’s communication director said the First Lady was trying to be respectful of Donald Трамп’s time, and make sure he had all the time he needed to SPEND WITH THOSE OTHER WOMEN IN THE LIMO!


Donald Трамп and his friends concealed an affair he had with former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal during the second year of his marriage to Melania Трамп.

Melania icily denied the truth of the affair, and told reporters, “I don’t believe it’s true, because Donald has no friends.”


Special counsel Robert Mueller filed criminal charges against 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian businesses on Friday for undermining the 2016 presidential election.

After being briefed about the news, Donald Трамп expressed relief that it was only 3 Russian businesses, and that Mueller hadn’t found out yet about, “All those other ones! PHEW! DODGED A BULLET!”


8/29/2014 – American political press freaks out because President Barrack Hussein Obama wears a TAN SUIT to a press conference.

2/16/2018 – American political press freaks out because they don’t know whether to lead with …

  • Another School Shooting
  • Donald Trump’s covering up MULTIPLE affairs with pay-offs
  • Multiple indictments from Robert Mueller related to Russialago
  • Black Panther

Man. I wish we could’ve had another 4 years of Obama. Because I would’ve liked to see him rock the tan suit to Black Panther this weekend. THAT would’ve been a fun scandal.

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Melania Trump arrives solo to air base amid second affair scandal as first couple heads to Florida

Former Playboy model claims she had an affair with Trump, report says

Special counsel indicts Russian nationals for interfering with U.S. elections and political processes


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