White House Historical Association volunteers have been painstakingly archiving precious historical images and other records.

One image they decided not to archive: a selfie Donald Trump took in the bathroom. NOPE!


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted for invasion of privacy over a nude photo he took of a woman he had an affair with in 2015.

After being informed of the incident, Donald Трамп asked that Greitens be nominated for U.S. Secretary of Women’s Affairs.


United Airlines and Delta announced that they won’t offer discounted rates for NRA members in the latest display of corporate backlash to the pro-gun organization.

United Airlines and Delta said they will still offer cramped seats and weird smells on all of their domestic flights.


That bathroom selfie thing with Trump is another one of those, “Yeah, that could happen,” kind of things.

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Librarians digitally archive rare White House images

Indictment of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens could have political ripples

NRA hits back at United Airlines, Delta, other companies for cutting ties


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