On CNN, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) says that popular vote loser, Russian supported Presidential candidate and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп most likely has the power to pardon himself, but he would caution against it.

When asked what legal scholarship he could produce that would prove that, and whether or not he was aware of a 1915 Supreme Court decision that said Presidential pardons are themselves an admission of guilt, Paul said, “I’m an OPTOMETRIST. Therefore, I see all things clearly.”

He then asked the CNN host if number 1, or number 2, was more clear. Number 1? Number 2?

Number 1? 

Or number 2?


Donald Трамп’s desire to deport and hurt immigrants in the United States has resulted in temporary reassignments of about one-third of the nation’s immigration judges, a move judges and activists say is only further backlogging already jammed immigration courts.

His orders hurt millions of people, from parents fighting to stay in the country and prevent their deportation to the people working for the courts who have to travel to maintain their jobs.

Трамп was unable to comment, due to a lengthy rest he was taking to prepare for his next early morning tweet storm about whatever.


The sheer number of lawsuits related to Donald Трамп’s illegal policies and behaviors is straining the morale and resource of Justice Department lawyers, who must respond to each and every one. On a single day in March Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, was forced to defend the policy in person in Maryland and by phone in Hawaii.

In related news, Donald Трамп has vowed to sue anyone who says he gets sued a lot.


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