North Korea’s foreign minister warned Thursday that Pyongyang could test a powerful nuclear weapon over the Pacific Ocean in response to Donald Трамп’s threats of military action.

After being informed of the threat, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had to hold back Трамп as he reportedly said, “Oh yeah? OH YEAH? WELL I’LL SHOW ‘EM! LET ME PUSH THE BUTTON! LEMME PUSH IT!”


Over 1,000 volunteers and officials broke into cheers after they pulled a survivor from the rubble of a textile factory more than two days after it was obliterated by Mexico’s recent earthquake.

After hearing the news, a White House spokesperson promised that the Трамп regime would ensure the wall they want to build will prevent, “anything from Mexico, including Earthquakes, from crossing it!”


Senate Judiciary Chairman and human dumpster fire Senator Chuck Grassley released a letter late Thursday to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking if agents ever warned Donald Трамп about possible attempts by the Russian government to infiltrate his campaign last year.

In the letter, Grassley claimed that in 2008, the FBI warned Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign about ties his campaign manager had to Russian agents. Senator McCain denied that any such warning ever took place.


When asked why Grassley would make up such a fact, White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway said, “Duh, to throw people off the trail of ties between the White House and Russia! A doydoydoydoy.”


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North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister

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Grassley asks FBI if Trump was warned of Russian efforts to infiltrate his campaign


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